2017 High Sierra Adventure Bike Rally

2017 - This year I tried a 2010 KTM 990Adventure as my weapon of choice. Kevin used a KTM WXE200 (2 stroke). Lack of good pictures was entirely my fault.

This first one was the events professional photographer. So I will put the good one up here first!

These are in order from the drive out to the camp site and finale.

 Cruising by DISNEY.
through Norwalk
Lunch in Palmdale.
 Gnarly pocket of hard rain on the 395.
My base camp for the  next 3 nights.
 Kevin's camp-er. Sweet set up.
 So clean, unscratched and sparkly.
 The dinosaur from DIG DUG.
 It's a Tatooine sunset as the forest fire smoke creeps in.
 Starbucks, just so I could take a jab at Eric's logo in good fun.
Dirty, filthy and getting used.
 Not a fan of this tread pattern on the front. Very "skittery".
Rear tire was fantastic.
 Stopped to get Kevin's 2-stroke carb adjusted.
 Rest during our fire trail ride.

The 200's pipe was super loaded up. Time for new packing. Look at the dribbles on the swing-arm.
 Sunset over the 200. AKA the clothes line anchor.
 More sunset.
It was fun!

These next pictures are from TOMINATOR and the XLADV forum.

 Drone shot 1
 Drone shot 2
 Drone shot 3
 Eric Hall and the CRF1000 Africa Twin test bike.
Riders meeting.  Nice gut McGrew!
 Kevin and I getting up close and personal with the Africa Twin. This is my all time favorite Honda paint scheme.
Chow time.