KTM 990 Adventure part 2 (Rottweiler Performance)

 Drool worthy mock up.

 The owners posing for me. Super great people, shops just don't get much better than this.
 all that gear needs to go on but, I must first strip her down.

 Beauty plates off and airbox exposed.

 Noting all of the hose routing, I have to disconnect about 13 various hoses.

 Nekkid time!

 Fuel cells off.

 Time to install.
 But first, queue up Chris and follow along. Every part I purchased had an install video. Pay attention and listen to the advise he gives. It will save your knuckles and a load of frustration.

 Airbox nearly removed.

 Airbox off, SAS plates installed.
 Front plate was a booger. Take the hose off the radiator and push it aside in order to get to the bolts. There is no alternative way on the ADV.

 Time to replace some sensors.
 Start at the O2 sensor and trace it back in case the previous owner re-routed it.
 Insert dongle.

 Vacuum lines installed, dogbox installed!
 Looks great.
 Note, I had to remove the two bolts on the fuse box, flip it to the top and bolt from the bottom. Yes, I forged ahead BEFORE watching the instructions and I screwed up.
 Break at day 1, gonna hit it tomorrow. Because I broke the old exhaust can bolts while removing them. Rusted solid to the canisters.
 Day two!

 New air filter and Yosh exhaust installed.

 This intake is only second in the awesome machined department when compared to that 2 into 1 Rott pipe.

 Sexy bends and welds.
Last up is the skid plate. Black Dog Cycle Works.